How did CABATech get started?

Our team has been involved in the lighting industry since 1988, building several companies along the way. The world of LED lighting has changed quite a bit over the years. At first LEDs were primarily used as indicator lights, then they found applications in general illumination, and now they’ve evolved into tunable lighting systems. CABATech was started in 2014, and we specialize in custom, tunable systems that can provide a full spectrum of light for many horticultural applications.

What sets your company apart from others?

We are a lean, agile company that focuses on LED lighting systems in the horticultural space. We can fine tune our standard products to meet any light spectrums that a grower may need. In fact, we can offer a full range of lighting solutions, from greenhouse growing to space lighting for retail nurseries.

Custom, 22-foot long photo-period boom light

What is your primary market?

We are a North American company that services clients in Canada and the U.S. from coast to coast. Our primary product categories include three levels: High Power, for flower production and extended growing operations, typically greater than 450 watts; Mid Power, for supplemental lighting that is often used for photoperiod control, from 150 to 450 watts; and Low Power, which is less than 150 watts and used for cloning and propagation applications. We can customize almost any light configuration, from a 22-foot light canopy to a 6-inch diameter high intensity light. As part of our custom service, we visit each site to collect all the pertinent information, take measurements and assess the power availability.

Do your systems reduce energy usage?

When CABATech started, our first driver for business was to save energy. Our first goal was to work with the indoor growing side of the horticulture industry. In just five years, we’ve seen a tremendous improvement in lighting efficiency with our LED systems, and each increase in efficiency leads to energy savings, which saves money for our clients. Now that we’ve achieved such high efficiencies, the next savings come from using fewer lights altogether, another benefit for our clients’ bottom lines.

What new areas are you exploring?

Horticulture represents about 30% of our overall business and it’s the area I have the most passion for. While we continue to serve the cannabis and the hemp/CBD markets, one area we are finding new success with is micro algae. Our lighting systems, placed underwater, are used to grow micro algae that is used as a food source for shellfish.

How has CNGA helped your company?

CNGA has helped us access Colorado’s horticulture community. Not long after we joined last February, I tapped into the Member Directory and began reaching out to local growers. That resource has proven very valuable for us. We sponsored a Member BBQ in August and that gave us great exposure, too. I was able to meet many members face to face, introduce them to our company, and hear directly from industry leaders about the challenges they are facing. One thing that I’ve noticed, and appreciate, is how willing CNGA members are to share solutions and ideas. It is a refreshing discovery and makes me feel good to be part of CNGA.