Bioline Agrosciences: Premium Quality Biocontrol Solutions to Growers Worldwide

Interview with Megan Weidman, IPM Technical Specialist

Bioline Agrosciences
300 S. Lewis Rd. Suite A
Camarillo, California 93012

What type of company is Bioline?

With more than 40 years of experience and a solid technological background, Bioline Agrosciences is a renowned world-class player in biological control that specializes in offering premium quality biocontrol solutions to growers worldwide. Bioline Agrosciences has recently enlarged its production capacity with sites in Europe, Africa and the U.S., adding to existing breeding facilities with the most modern, high-tech BIO-FACTORY in North America, production in Kenya, and expansion of sites in Europe. These investments will bring the freshest product to satisfy the higher demand of growers and markets.

What markets do you serve?

We are active in all sectors of the horticultural industry: ornamental plants, cut flowers, medicinal crops, vegetables, fruits, and field crops such as corn. In North America, our bio-factory situated in California allows us to ship the freshest, healthiest products to markets throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. Our team of technical specialists is located throughout the continent in all main markets, so there will always be one of my colleagues local to you to advise on your crops and the correct technologies to improve your crop health and productivity.

The market I oversee includes Colorado, Utah, Texas, and Oklahoma. 

Where do your beneficial insects come from?

Our beneficials are reared in one of our eight bio-factories. All of our beneficials are naturally occurring in the country of release, and where required, release permits are obtained from the relevant authorities. The technologies that we use produce the highest quality, healthy insects for release. Our focus on innovation has seen the recent adaptation of Starskii and CART technologies to improve pest control, alongside release technologies such as bugline, blisters and trichogramma dispensers /capsules to improve application and quality of our BCAs.

What are some advantages of using beneficials?

There are several advantages a grower can gain from using biocontrols. Unlike chemical spraying, you don’t have to be certified or undergo specialized training. In a retail setting, you can release beneficials while customers are around, something you can’t do with pesticide applications. In a greenhouse, you can enter the greenhouse at anytime, whereas when spraying pesticides there is often a re-entry interval. There can be a significant reduction in labor costs, too, when you factor in how much time it takes to mix chemical formulations, apply the chemicals and clean up, not to mention special storage considerations and health hazards. 

How is a beneficial program set up?

Part of my job is to meet with customers to help them select the right beneficials and technologies for their crops and develop an application schedule. The grower has to do some upfront work by closely scouting and monitoring pest populations (e.g. using sticky cards). Our method focuses on preventative measures, so it is important to release the beneficials early in a pest’s population growth.

Why are beneficials becoming more popular?

We believe that beneficials are the way of the future in controlling pests. Every year more pesticides are being restricted in their use or taken off the market. Unlike pesticides, insects do not build up a resistance to predators. Probably the biggest reason is that customers are more demanding these days, insisting on more sustainable, less environmentally risky pest management options.