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Team Engine
4845 Pearl East Circle, Ste. 118 PMB
Boulder, CO 80301

Interview with Carlos Del Pozo, Co-Founder

Where did the idea to start Team Engine come from?

After serving in the Army and earning my MBA, I set out to buy an existing business, having grown up in a small business family. I enjoyed leading teams that weren’t fixed to a desk, so I focused on blue-collar and field-based companies. But after talking to business owners in a number of these industries, I found they all had one serious constraint in common—they couldn’t find the workers they needed to sustain the company’s growth. So rather than buying a business, I started looking at how to solve the workforce problem. My co-founders and I came to the conclusion that the problem boiled down to two buckets: labor supply in the market and the processes companies used to hire and retain. The first bucket we couldn’t really change, but the second bucket was full of obvious opportunities for technology to make an impact. That led us to start building Team Engine in January 2018. We signed up our first paying customer that same month.

Streamline your hiring process with texting.

How does your software help a company?

One of the things we heard early on was that companies could not find enough applicants for their jobs. We found ways to solve that for companies, but then discovered that it was only the tip of the iceberg. Hiring is full of tedious but critical and time-sensitive tasks, from re-posting jobs to screening and getting in touch with promising candidates. They all have to happen quickly, consistently and compliantly to get results. Team Engine helps employers meet this demand by automating the things that can be automated so that hiring managers can focus where they can add value, like evaluating a candidate face-to-face or selling them on the opportunity. Finally, we utilize a robust text messaging tool that reaches applicants and new hires where they work—in the field, at a desk, in a garden center or on a landscape project site, and even reaches them in English or Spanish, whatever’s most effective for the audience.

The Team Engine team

What type of company is a good fit for Team Engine?

Our platform works best where much of a company’s workforce is not desk-based, such as workers in the field, making deliveries, selling in a retail environment or working on-site projects. Companies that have a workforce of 50 people or more make up the bulk of our customers. Team Engine works really well for companies who have a steady hiring need throughout the year, yet companies with seasonal hiring will find Team Engine very useful as well for staying in touch with their workforce in the off-season.

Is getting started complicated?

We have designed our software to be extremely user-friendly because we know we won’t see good results unless it is. Typically, we can get a company up and running with Team Engine in about 30 minutes. We provide an initial introduction to the product that lasts 45–60 minutes, plus we offer a free trial so the customer can try out and become familiar with the software.

Why did you become a member of CNGA?

We see CNGA as an important community for us to be part of where we can build business relationships and expand our brand awareness. We value the many opportunities that CNGA provides for us to connect with the membership.