Member Profile – Dynamic Plants

Dynamic Plants
11400 County Road 14 1/2
Fort Lupton, CO 80621

Interview with Brett Verbeek, CEO

How did you first get started in the greenhouse business?

People always think I’m joking when I say my playpen was in the greenhouse, but it’s literally true. Both my parents were growers in the Netherlands and as a toddler they kept me close at hand by putting my playpen in the greenhouse where they worked. By the age of 16, I was managing sales for them in the States and have been involved with growers ever since.

Curtains save money on energy costs

How did Dynamic Plants get started?

The company was established in 2021. A few breeders approached me from the Netherlands who wanted to introduce their plant genetics to the U.S. market. With a good supply of grower connections in the States, I felt this was an opportunity to connect these two groups and decided to create the company. The goal was to create a diverse company with emphasis in horticulture and general agriculture. We have three primary business segments: brokerage of new genetics and various young plants, crop protection, systems and equipment.

What markets do you serve and where?

We concentrate on the U.S. market. We specialize in ornamental plants and vegetables, ranging from annuals to shrubs, trees, greenhouse vegetables and field crops. In ornamentals, we focus on introducing new genetics and breeders to our customers. As an example, we are developing a variety of basil that is downy mildew tolerant that we think growers will like. We also provide labor and energy saving products and services such as curtains and heating systems. Finally, we offer crop protection products that include sprays, fertilizers and insect control. One of our most unique products is called Stik-Kote. Stik-Kote is an exciting new spray adjuvant formulated using patented 3D-IPNS® Technology. New and now available is our Pest-Kote® Insecticide Concentrate which is also formulated with 3D-IPNS Technology. 3D-IPNS technology is a 3-dimensional immobilizing polymeric net structure, which works by creating a gas-permeable “micro net” immobilizing mites, thrips, whiteflies, mealy bugs, aphids, and more.

Application of Stik-Kote that uses 3D-IPNS Technology to immobilize pests with a polymeric net structure

What trends do you see influencing the industry?

We’re seeing a shift in grower practices away from using chemicals to more biological, earth friendly alternatives. We will continue to see improvements in energy efficiency as the cost of energy will continue to go up. Growers will benefit from greater ROI on their system upgrades as energy and labor costs continue to rise. Genetics will continue to be very important, especially to retailers who are looking for new plant varieties that can help them differentiate their product lines and be able to command higher prices.

Downy mildew tolerant basil

What marketing techniques work best for your company?

Despite the reliance in today’s marketing world on social media, so much of what we do has to be presented directly to the customer. Therefore our most effective marketing happens by visiting our customers, in person, and educating them about the latest products and services that we offer. We feel the in-person, face-to-face meeting is most beneficial for both us, the supplier, and our customer.  We do have a website,, that growers can visit and order products directly.

Why did you become a member of CNGA?

As a new and young company, we want to build our base of customers and CNGA gives us the ability to make valuable connections with existing and potentially new customers. Membership gives us an important pathway whereby we can educate growers about the benefits of our company’s line of products and services.