2021 – What Lies Ahead

By Glenda Mostek, CNGA Executive Director

Glenda Mostek
CNGA Executive Director

After surviving 2020, planning for 2021 is a daunting task. Our hope is that there will be an effective vaccine soon, wide distribution is quick and efficient, and we can go back to business as usual. However, we are prepared for the alternative.

ProGreen 2021 will be a virtual event, focusing more on education and sharing new products and ideas, with no “virtual” expo floor. We thank those who have stepped up to support the event so far, and if you want to get involved, please give our office a call. It is easier than ever to get involved, since you don’t have to construct a booth, or travel to Denver!

We will certainly see a changed political scene on the national front. Immigration policy will likely be less confrontational. Trump administration environmental policies will probably be suspended by the Biden administration, similar to how the Trump administration suspended Obama’s policies. Biden will likely propose a large economic stimulus package, which will have to run the gauntlet of the Senate and House.

In Colorado, Democrats maintained control of both the House and the Senate after the November 2020 elections. It remains to be seen what format the legislature will meet in, under COVID-19 precautions. We will be keeping an eye on bill introductions. It sounds like the legislators who carried the neonicotinoids bill and the pesticide pre-emption bill are not going to be carrying those bills this session.

Another topic on our minds here in Colorado is drought. I am personally involved with the Department of Agriculture drought task force, and am keeping tabs on what is taking place legislatively. We could use everyone’s help monitoring what is going on in your own cities, counties and municipalities.

We intend to get out ahead of the drought, early in 2021, with communications to cities about the importance of the greenscape, to curtail them representing watering of landscapes as wasteful. We want to proactively establish cooperative communication, hopefully preventing some of the messaging villainizing our industry and dissuading prospective clients from pursuing projects during times of drought. We also plan to share best management practices for sustaining the greenscape in the drought while conserving water.

The good news is that we have seen more than one survey indicating that consumers whose interest in gardening and landscaping was awakened or re-awakened last spring and summer intend to continue this year. The gardening groups on Facebook were already abuzz during the holidays with discussions of how soon you should start your tomatoes for the coming year.

Your staff at CNGA wishes you all a Happy New Year and great success in 2021! As always, we are open to your questions, suggestions, and comments. Contact me at any time at gmostek@coloradonga.org.