Valuable Partner Protecting Companies & Their Clients

Interview with Mike DeSimone, Regional Sales Manager

What is the business of BlueTarp Financial?

We help companies grow and protect their business with credit management for their commercial customers. We offer fast, predictable cash flow, full-service billing and collections, risk protection and online tools for you and your customers. You can customize your credit program to fit your business, such as choosing how often you get paid by BlueTarp, offering standard or extended terms, and offering a loyalty rewards program.

With what types of companies do you work best?

We work well with small to medium-size companies who supply materials to installation trades. Nurseries, greenhouses and horticulture supply companies who provide plant material and related supplies to landscape contractors are a good fit for us.

What compels a company to work with BlueTarp?

Companies partner with BlueTarp when their billing and collecting efforts are becoming a burden, or when their cash flow needs to be more predictable in order to make long-term, strategic investments. They also partner with us because they want to provide more customer value such as extended terms and online bill pay. On the risk side, they need help determining credit worthiness of new customers and monitoring the risk levels of existing customers. They also want to be protected from the risk of non-payment. They’re tired of “being the bank.”

What are the key services you provide?

We provide end-to-end credit management with services that include:
Upfront payments on every B2B sale

  • Billing, collections and cash applications
  • Flexible lines and terms
  • Risk analysis and monitoring
  • Online tools for your customers to pay online and manage
    their credit
  • Online tools for your team to have complete visibility into customer activity

What trends are favoring your company’s services?

Although the economy is still performing well, we have seen quarter after quarter of rising delinquencies. Many of the conditions we faced in earlier down economic cycles are returning like delayed payments, increased risk and declining profitability. Additionally, acquisitions, mergers and consolidations have increased with over 75 building supply transactions in 2019 already. The question to ask is whether your company is favorably positioned to maintain growth in the next economic cycle and be protected from the next downturn.