Strong, Persistent Industry Advocacy Matters – Now and in the Future

Glenda Mostek CNGA Executive Director

Recently, I talked to a former CNGA member who didn’t see the point of our continued presence at the State Capitol. “Why bother?” they said, “when there is such a strong super majority?”

We can’t just roll over and give up. GreenCO must maintain its presence and reputation:

  • Because there won’t always be a super majority. Someday, the balance will return, and we will have long-established relationships with legislators and others around the capitol who will remember that we didn’t turn up only when we thought we could win. We have long-term relationships with other organizations who see that we didn’t duck out when the going got tough. GreenCO has a strong reputation as a resource for legislators who need information about our industries and want to understand our stance on legislation.
  • Because we can affect the outcome of legislation even if one party is in control. GreenCO does this through lobbying against and/or amending harmful bills, lessening their detrimental impact on our businesses. We had success modifying the turf ban bill before the legislature this year and we helped keep pesticide pre-emption out of the reauthorization of the Pesticide Applicators Act last year. We are currently working diligently to defeat a bill removing state pre-emption for pesticides.
  • Because we are in this for the long haul. GreenCO has been here through droughts, watering bans, pandemic, and numerous other issues. We have come out on the other side stronger because of our presence at the Capitol.
  • Because we are part of larger coalitions, and we can do more together. GreenCO is often allied with other organizations, such as the Colorado Ag Council, construction interests, and business interests. These alliances amplify our voice, and we amplify theirs. These relationships also provide needed insight into the impact of bills before they are passed.
  • Because we can stay on top of what’s going on and be prepared for what might come next. Our lobbyists read and interpret countless bills each year, noting how the (sometimes unintended) circumstances would affect the green industry in Colorado.

2024 is once again an election year. GreenCO/CNGA has already asked our members for donations to help fund our lobbying efforts, and we thank you for your support. This summer we will be asking for donations again, this time to our PAC – a separate fund which is limited in use to donating to candidates. The GreenCO legislative committee will interview a wide slate of candidates and recommend donations to support their campaigns. This is all part of our continuing presence at the State Capitol and maintaining the legacy of a long-respected industry alliance providing representation for our members.

When there is an imbalance in the legislature, we need to be stronger than ever — not give up and go away. We can have a lot of power when no one cares what is going on. We need to continue to show that we DO care.