ProGreen EXPO Offers Region’s Best Education for You and Your Staff

As the new year gets underway, now is the time to sharpen your horticulture skills and knowledge. This can be best accomplished by attending ProGreen EXPO, Jan. 30—Feb. 1 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. With more than 100 sessions to choose from, there is a topic for just about any horticultural interest you have.

Besides improving your own expertise, ProGreen provides one of the best opportunities of the entire year to train your staff. From greenhouse certification to plant identification, there are many presentations that can boost your employees’ understanding of today’s most relevant and timely horticulture issues. With well-trained employees, their knowledge can be a distinct advantage for providing what your customers want to know and delivering the kind of customer service that sets your company apart from others.

In just three days, you can pack in a lot of education – from the Exhibit Hall to expert speakers to peer-to-peer networking. One of the more intangible but powerful benefits of ProGreen is the inspiration that can suddenly grow in you and your staff – inspiration that elevates performance. Who doesn’t want an inspired worker on their team?

For the complete education program, go to: Sessions run Tuesday through Thursday. The Exhibit Hall will be open Wednesday and Thursday.

Potting Challenge Overall 1st Place

Here are a few educational highlights that await you and your staff at ProGreen EXPO 2024:

Exploring Today’s Pressing Issues

  • Turf Replacement and Landscape Transformations
  • What You Need to Know About Japanese Beetle
  • Smart Water Management for Sustainable Landscapes
  • Lessons Learned from Native Grass Projects
  • Pest Identification
  • Strategies for More Efficient Nursery Operations
  • Case Studies in Greenhouse Production
  • Pesticide Safety
  • New Plants for 2024

Workforce Development

  • Winning the Talent War
  • Developing Front Line Managers
  • The Changing Communications Climate
  • Onboarding New Employees

Training for Greenhouse Growing and Certification

If you’re looking to get certified, start your own greenhouse operation or educate key staff, these greenhouse focused sessions will be particularly valuable*:

  • How Does a Plant Grow? An Introduction to Botany and Plant Physiology
  • Fundamentals of Propagating Plants in Greenhouses
  • How to Provide the Best Environment for Greenhouse Growing
  • Understanding Three Factors that are Essential for Growing Healthy Greenhouse Plants
  • How to Identify and Manage Common Greenhouse Diseases
  • How to Identify and Manage Common Greenhouse Pests

*Anyone can attend these sessions. For those seeking the Certified Greenhouse Grower designation, they are required.

Special Topics

  • CPR and First Aid
  • An Introduction to Horticultural Therapy
  • The State of the Green Industry
  • Low Cost Marketing Strategies

And More…!

Women In Green Luncheon

ProGreen offers something for just about every type of green industry professional. If sitting in a classroom isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other ways to learn:

  • The Expo – Access to more than 200 companies and the latest horticulture and landscape industry products, equipment and plant material, all in one place.
  • The Potting Challenge – Back for its sixth year, why not test your container designing skills or just watch the fast-paced action!
  • VIP Breakfast – Gather with your fellow business leaders to enjoy a buffet breakfast and hear the most recent developments in federal and state issues that will impact your business.
  • Women In Green Luncheon – Join other like-minded women in the green industry to network over lunch.
  • Latino Happy Hour – Network with the LatiKnows Committee and others.
  • Arborist Corner – Come see how arborists do their jobs with climbing demonstrations, maintenance trimming, safety procedures and more—all done on a real tree!
  • CSU Alumni Coffee and Reception – Start your afternoon off with this great opportunity to meet your colleagues for a cup of coffee and catch up on the latest trends.
  • CNGA’s Industry Celebration – Nothing like a party with great food and beverages! At this annual gathering you can support the Colorado Horticulture Research & Education Foundation though both silent and live auctions, congratulate award and scholarship winners, make new business connections and have a fabulous time with your CNGA friends! Takes place at the elegant Chambers Grant Salon in the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in the Denver Center for Performing Arts Complex, just two blocks from the Convention Center.
Exhibit Hall

Don’t let the ProGreen EXPO experience pass you by! If you have not already signed up, register today at:

CNGA members receive discounted registration fees. Please stop by the CNGA booth in the Exhibit Hall to get acquainted and receive a free member gift!