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Interview with Korey Lofy, Territory Manager/Territory Arborist

QUIK-jet Air injecting spruce for bark beetles with Tree-age R10 insecticide

What is the history of Arborjet?

The company was founded in the early 2000s in Woburn, Mass., after the owner of the company wanted to find a better way to deal with the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid pest. At the time, typical tree treatments involved soil drench or aerial applications of pesticides that were harmful to water and air resources. He discovered that tree injection technology had not advanced much and set out to develop technology that kept the pesticide chemicals separate from the ground water and air, while providing for more effective, and efficient treatment of the pest. Today, Arborjet technology is used worldwide to safely treat many types of trees and pests.

How does Arborjet technology work?

We use a three-step procedure to apply pesticides to trees. First, we drill a small hole into the tree. Secondly, we place a plastic Arbor Plug in the hole to prevent the pesticide from leaving the tree and to keep harmful insects and other harmful agents from entering the hole. Third, we place an injection needle through the Arbor Plug (basically a one-way valve) to apply the systemic pesticide. It is essentially a surgical procedure and very accurate, measuring injections to the milliliter. As a preventative treatment, it is highly effective (99%). For example, every other year about 250,000 ash trees are treated with Arborjet products and equipment in Milwaukee, Wis. In ten years they have not lost a single tree to emerald ash borer!

Training municipalities and press how to save trees with Arborjet products and equipment
QUIK-jet Air injection close up

How is Arborjet evolving with the market?

One of the ways we meet the challenges of pest management is through field research. We do over 100 research trials per year, working with cities and universities. Another focus we have is on making our technology and products more efficient to apply, which requires less time and in turn, saves on labor. For example, we have developed a product that requires less solution to be injected into the tree which means more trees can be treated in the same amount of time. Knowing how critical water usage has become and which will only intensify with climate change, we recently partnered with the company Ecologel, whose water conserving products now complement our line of plant care products. We also offer a line of OMRI organic pesticides which has become very popular in the western U.S.

What role does Arborjet play in environmental conservation?

An interesting role Arborjet plays is to help manage some of a region’s most important or iconic trees. Where there is need to make sure a specific tree stays healthy and pest resistant, we can set up a management plan with prescribed treatments over time. One place where this approach has been put into practice is Fort Logan Cemetery in Denver.

Saving a pine tree with Arborjet equipment

What if people want to learn more about Arborjet products and equipment?

They can reach their local Arborjet Arborist and Territory Manager. For the Rocky Mountain States, that’s Korey Lofy –