Working at an independent garden center is both challenging and rewarding. Here at Osuna Nursery, we strive to be environmentally focused while offering exceptional service, accurate advice and the best quality selection of plants and products. Our wish is to enrich the lives of our customers, staff and community through all things green.

We want our employees to succeed and be happy, so we’re offering the following tips for new hires and those interested in the industry:

  • Be a team player. We expect our new hires and seasonal employees to accept our company culture quickly and work cohesively with our long-term staff. There should be no separation between new and old employees at the end of the day.
  • Be dedicated. Our staff doubles, and may even triple, for the busy spring season. We expect our seasonal employees to be productive and enthusiastic. An “I don’t care—I’m only here for three months” attitude will not fly.
  • Provide quality service. When you are interacting with a customer, you are the face of the company. Be helpful, give recommendations and upsell, but know when it’s time to move on, especially during busy times.
  • Be safe. This is a physical, outdoor job that constantly requires moving and carrying heavy items. Safety is crucial and we expect you to do your part to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for yourself and your coworkers.
  • Positive attitude. We’re not going to lie… some customers can be difficult! A good attitude, especially during difficult situations, will go a long way in customer service. We find a positive attitude to be contagious!
  • Keep learning. Continued learning enables employees to increase their contributions to the company. Review basic planting and care instructions. Take advantage of training seminars, read relevant books, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Tips especially for young employees:

  • Be dependable. Be on time. Don’t call to miss work unless it’s an emergency. Complete your assigned tasks on time. We understand that your schedule may be in flux, you have a lot going on in your life, and this may even be your first job. We want you to achieve a healthy work/life balance, but we’re also depending on you to show up.
  • Use your energy wisely. Young employees are full of enthusiasm and curiosity. Everything is brand new for them. We suggest channeling that energy and enthusiasm, using time management to avoid burnout. Complete tasks on time to avoid them piling up.
  • Enjoy! If you’re a garden center employee, it’s safe to assume you like plants and working outdoors. Embrace this non-desk job, and stop to smell the roses!