Keeping CNGA Valuable & Relevant

By Dan Wise, CCNP
CNGA Board President

As my term as President of CNGA comes to a close, I look back on what a great experience serving you, the members of CNGA, has been for me both personally and professionally. When I was asked by Bill Kluth back in the fall of 2012, if I would be interested in running for an open seat on the Board of Directors, I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. Sure, I had volunteered on some CNGA committees in the past, and had enjoyed the experience of meeting with both my peers in the industry, as well as some pillars of wisdom (like Stan Brown!), but I didn’t fully realize the completely different approach it takes to help direct our great organization.

When you join the Board of CNGA, you truly take off the “hat” of your own business or organization, and approach things from the point of view of: “What is best for the members?” It takes a bit of getting used to, but is a great exercise in discipline of thought. Board members are elected to be stewards of the organization — keeping the organization valuable and relevant to membership is something we focus on with every decision.

Our minds are always on the future to ensure that CNGA can continue to provide programs and services that keep us a “must-have” part of members’ operations. Will we continue with a status-quo slate of member benefits? Are there important new opportunities to take on, or outdated programs that don’t serve us in the best way?

Serving on a board can open your eyes to a bigger world, and for me, it was a gratifying experience of growth. I now have such a greater appreciation for what a strong, vibrant industry we are all so fortunate to work in, and in a beautiful, desirable part of the country that helps make our businesses in high demand.

I want to express my gratitude to the members of CNGA, and all of my fellow volunteer Board members, as well as thank Allison Gault for her time as CNGA’s excellent Executive Director. As our new President, Kerri Dantino, takes the helm in 2020 — I wish her and CNGA great success in the years to come.