Houseplant Popularity Here to Stay

By Kimberly Brown, Planty Good Vibes

Kimberly Brown, Planty Good Vibes

I started Planty Good Vibes in February with the intention of moving forward from a lifestyle of mundane obligation to a lifestyle of passion, creative flow, and freedom. Caring for and learning from plants has connected me to my own roots in ways I had never imagined, and I’m honored to be that source for others. 

Working from home in Boulder, I source plants from growers and suppliers nationwide. Planty Good Vibes primarily sells a variety of trending houseplants, as well as uncommon and rare plants that cater to the collectors. Currently, I am not taking online sales as I am preparing to launch a new gift-intended plant product in the next few weeks. I can’t wait to share more information!

I have noticed a substantial increase in houseplant popularity in the past few years, but particularly last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home provided a newfound opportunity to cater to hobbies and house chores. As a result, houseplant popularity skyrocketed as a means of staying busy at home while engaging in a therapeutic interest.

My customer base is not limited by age but are most commonly 18 to 34 year olds. I find many apartment residents turning to the houseplant trend to add life and color to their spaces, aid in air quality, and express their inner nurturers. Despite these observations, the trend seems to be customer-base-wide. I have often seen it as a connecting topic between people with generational gaps, which I find heartwarming!

The houseplants that are most popular tend to be anything eye-catching. This includes colorful foliage, fenestrations, funky patterns, or big and leafy. If I had to choose, I’d say tropicals are among the most popular. However, since the typical houseplant hobbyist is influenced by their personal visual preferences and feelings when shopping, they don’t seem to follow any shopping pattern botanically speaking.

Instagram plays a huge factor in inventory selection. Through social media I am able to directly engage with my customer base, and create polls based on what information I’m looking to collect. I also reflect on data from my sales and then adjust my inventory list as needed. For example, if a particular product sells better than I expected, I’ll factor that information into my next order and increase product quantity.

Luckily, most common houseplants seem to be available enough to meet demand, and I can maintain a steady inventory. However, the rare, trending plants such as Philodendron White Princess and Variegated Albo Monstera seem to surpass availability frequently. While I am unable to keep a steady, predictable inventory of the popular plants that are rare and difficult to obtain from wholesalers, I help replenish my inventory through additional methods like propagation.

My plan for the fall and holiday seasons is to continue ordering wholesale and using propagation methods to replenish my inventory. Planty Good Vibes is operational year-round, simply because it’s what I love to do! I am confident in ensuring the delivery of healthy plants with the help of heat/humidity packs and quality packaging material.

I personally believe that after this past year the houseplant market has a solid foundation for lasting economic growth. Many hobbies have spiked up during the pandemic, but houseplants are unique because the emotional reward that comes with living with plants is priceless. Regardless of market trend and fluctuation, the impact of plants once discovered is a lifelong impact for the majority of people.