5 Most Common Customer Questions

Knowing what questions are at the top of customers’ minds can help staff of greenhouses, nurseries and garden centers provide better service and gain customer trust and loyalty. Similar to knowing what’s on a test before you take it, you can prepare your answers ahead of time to get top scores with your customers. Here’s a list of some frequently asked questions that you can use for staff training.

Retail Customer Inquiries

Royal Velvet Supertunia, Photo courtesy of Great Gardens

#1 Watering

How often and how much should I water this plant?

#2 Lifespan

How will this plant survive season to season and year to year? Will it die in winter? Will it come back next year? Does it bloom for a long time? What is the difference between an annual and perennial?

#3 Environmental suitability

Will this grow at my location? Does this plant make sense in our landscape plan? Will this grow in the shade or sun?

#4 Plant health

What’s wrong with my plant? Why don’t my baskets/plants look like yours? Is it OK to use chemical treatments on my plants? What are good potting soils? When is the best time to plant a tree?

#5 Diseases and pests

How do I control fungus gnats? What do I do about grasshoppers?

Wholesale Customer Inquiries

#1 Availability

Thriller Spiller, Photo courtesy of Harriett McMillan

Do you have this plant available in this quantity?

#2 Environmental suitability

What plants grow best in Colorado? What are the best plants for dry or wet areas? What plants do well in shade or sun?

#3 Diseases and pests

What is wrong with this plant? Is this condition normal? What type of pest or disease is this? How do I treat it?

#4 Watering

How often should I water?

#5 Planting methods

Should I take the metal baskets off when planting B&B trees? Should I amend the soil when planting trees and shrubs? Should I stake down trees? Should I wrap them in winter?

Special thanks to members of the CNGA Board and Communications Committee who provided input on this article topic: Mike Bone of Denver Botanic Gardens, Joe Haskett of James Nursery Company, Jeff Jones of Great Gardens, Jessica McCool of Little Valley Wholesale Nursery, Kathleen McGuar, Harriett McMillan of Echter’s Garden Center, Bruce Rabeler of Little Valley Wholesale Nursery, and Mike Schleining of Arbor Valley Nursery.