CNGA Represented at Colorado State FFA Convention in Pueblo

By Nate Douglas, CCNP, Arbor Valley Nursery

On June 7-8, I had the honor of attending the Colorado State FFA convention in Pueblo. Along with Glenda Mostek, CNGA Executive Director and Nicolette Malfitano, Tagawa Greenhouse Enterprises, we represented the Colorado Nursery and Greenhouse Association (CNGA) as exhibitors in the convention’s career fair. Ample turnout from Colorado’s far-reaching FFA chapters made for great conversation. Several chapters had learning greenhouses at their home schools, and many students and teachers were interested in CNGA visits and advice. Many young people on the cusp of choosing their college majors or post-high school careers expressed genuine interest in horticulture.

I was able to be a speaker at the FFA career workshop on the subject of plant sciences. A group of students interested in plant sciences as a career pursuit joined me for a discussion on all topics career-related. It made me proud to see the next generation of leaders open their minds to a career in the nursery and greenhouse industry. I look forward to going back annually to continue helping guide talented young people to our industry.