CHREF Update

By Mike Schleining, CCNP, Arbor Valley Nursery

Mike Schleining, CCNP, Arbor Valley Nursery

We hope you’ve been having a great season so far – it’s been a whirlwind.

The Nutrien Agricultural Sciences building at CSU is officially finished and will host its first students in Fall semester 2022. The CHREF board of directors will continue to work with the College of Agricultural Science and the Environmental Horticulture Department on ways the industry can support students beyond scholarships.

Congratulations to Dr. Jim Klett on his retirement! Dr Klett’s retirement celebration was held on Aug. 9 at CSU in Fort Collins. His ex-officio position on the CNGA board will be filled with another faculty member still to be determined. We’ll still see Dr. Klett around and he will continue to have an office in the Nutrien building.

We look forward to seeing you at the CHREF golf fundraiser on Sept. 20. Your generosity continually supports top-tier students and cutting-edge research at CSU and builds the future of our industry. CHREF is also exploring recruiting scholarships for graduating high school students. More information will be coming soon!