AWG, Inc., All Weather Greenhouse: Strongest, Longest-Lasting, Most Efficient Greenhouse Systems

Interview with Joseph Hewitt, President, Colorado Division

AWG, Inc., All Weather Greenhouse
5775 W 56th Ave., Unit D
Arvada, Colorado 80002

How did AWG, Inc. get started?

AWG Inc., All Weather Greenhouse, is your local greenhouse manufacturer and service company. We are comprised of a team of engineers and business professionals from various fields, all of whom share the same goal and vision – to provide the absolute best products and service to our clients. AWG is built on extensive experience from Department of Defense contractors and structural, mechanical, electrical engineering, hemp, and cannabis experts. The combined experience drives AWG’s focus on creating the strongest, most efficient greenhouse systems and components. Numerous fields of experience, starting in the early 2000s, created our unique broad spectrum of expertise. In 2009, we shifted our primary focus to greenhouses. After extensive research and development, we succeeded in designing and engineering the strongest, most efficient, longest warrantied, and most cost-effective greenhouses and components, manufactured primarily in the U.S.A.

What distinguishes your greenhouse structures?

AWG Inc.’s structure designs are distinguished in their strength, longevity, operating cost efficiency, and service. Energy efficiency and quality of light are the most vital ingredients that keep your greenhouse profitable. Prior to installation, our products are thoroughly tested in all types of environments including Colorado’s diverse climates. Our newest 15-year hail-proof polycarbonates inhibit thermal loss and excel at any elevation. Our line of German-engineered, direct-drive fans move eight times the air at half the decibel level and 10 times less electrical consumption. Every product in AWG’s line has been thoroughly tested to exceed our warranty standards and keep your greenhouse efficiently profitable.

interior view of AWG greenhouse
AWG Inc. light deprivation greenhouse system/interior

What trends are you watching?

In our diverse symbiotic relationships with numerous industries, we’re seeing significant trickle down effects from Covid-19. A decrease in manufacturing abilities has caused extensive delays in certain product supply. Decreased steel exportation from Mexico has caused numerous delays in dozens of imported steel products and there are increased prices across the board. The busiest sector of our market is in residential greenhouses. Prior to 2020 AWG Inc. sold through licensed distributors and builders. Selling direct gives customers the best quality products at dealer pricing. 

How do you help your customers purchase the right greenhouse?

Our custom greenhouses/services give customers just what they need to grow their products now and into the future. We don’t over design, yet we are very thorough in putting together all the necessary data to build the longest lasting, strongest and most energy efficient greenhouse possible – and at an affordable price. For customers who already own greenhouses and grows, we offer service, repair, installation, and consulting services.

hail proof roof
15-year hail-proof polycarbonates

How is CNGA benefitting your company?

We’ve been encouraged to join CNGA by other members for nearly 10 years. We are actively involved with numerous organizations, and it has been great to meet so many genuinely good people. We believe in supporting our communities. As a CNGA member, we now can be more directly involved with the people of Colorado and fellow members. We believe in working hand in hand for the betterment of our communities and Colorado. Additionally, CNGA members are eligible for 5-10% select discounts on a wide variety of our products and services.